text: Ice Cream Factory
November 04, 2020

Underground devotees of MySweetGluttony's Hundo cookies have been quietly amassing in Manayunk, and we're happy to supply their fix. You can now obtain the soft, fudgy deliciousness of Hundos at Tubby Robot!

Named for being a prodigious 100 grams of pure cookie, Hundos help make your whole day just a little bit brighter.

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Sunday 12pm - 9pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 12pm - 9pm
Thursday 12pm - 9pm
Friday 12pm - 10pm
Saturday 12pm - 10pm
4369 Main Street
Philadelphia, PA
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Nintendo's 1986 title Vs. Super Mario Bros. is an arcade conversion of its smash-hit NES game, Super Mario Bros. The game plays similarly to the original home version, but many of its levels have been altered to be more difficult or replaced entirely.