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Weekend Philler

"Love homemade ice cream? Love video games? Stop on down to Tubby Robot Ice Cream Factory in Manayunk - they have both!" [ read all ]

Philadelphia Magazine

The Coolest Ice Cream Shops in Philadelphia

"A Best of Philly winner, Tubby Robot makes all their flavors in-house, using locally sourced ingredients. Even better? You can order up ice cream flights, sundaes, waffles, and even an ice cream hoagie — that's scoops sandwiched inside a fresh-baked puff pastry 'roll.'" [ read all ]

ABC 6's FYI Philly

Annual Ice Cream Social

"Ice cream is fun and all, but throw in some video games and other arcade attractions and it becomes something even more. Jeannette Reyes grabs the controller for a look at some local spots where you can enjoy both!" [ read all ]

Philadelphia Magazine

Winner: Best of Philly 2017 "Best Ice Cream"

"Yes, the ice cream is handmade from local ingredients, and it's really, really good. But nobody's judging if you only go for the Wall-O-Vision, in which video games are projected onto an outside alley wall but controlled by a joystick inside." [ read all ]

Manayunk Mornings at Home

Episode 19

"There's a chill in the air! We spoke with Chris and Steve from Tubby Robot Ice Cream Factory on this week's Manayunk Mornings at Home! Tune in to learn how they got creative with their down time by collaborating with other businesses and adding new menu items(!!!), as well as how they've been juggling kids and new hobbies at home." [ read all ]

Philly's Key Team

Small Business Interview Series

"Chris gives us a tour of the shop, describes how he got into the ice cream business, and how Tubby Robot has adapted its strategy during the pandemic." [ read all ]

Manayunk Magazine

The Adventures of Tubby Robot

"Steve has referred to ice cream as 'a great facilitator in bringing people together,' and that's exactly what the Tubby Robot is programmed to do. They want to provide their patrons with the best ice cream in a comfortable setting that people from all walks of life can enjoy." [ read all ]

Manayunk Mornings

Season 3 Episode 15

"Welcome to a brand new segment of Dillinger does it! I'm here with Chris from Tubby Robot and today we're going to making a ice cream hoagie." [ read all ]



"Patty Jackson is back with another Phillycious! This hidden gem in Manayunk, Tubby Robot, blends homemade ice cream and sundae with guest what... video games!" [ read all ]

Manayunk Mornings

Season 2 Episode 8

"Chris from Tubby Robot chats with Manayunk. Special thanks to Terry Leahy for shooting & editing the video." [ read all ]

LaSalle TV

Beyond Broad #0105

"La Salle students take to the neighborhoods of Philadelphia to find fun things to do and see." [ read all ]
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