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September 30, 2022

Fall is here, and we're ready to help you do it RIGHT.

For your autumnal consideration: The year's first batch of Harvest Apple is now on tap, which we make with several pounds of freshly minced apples and a host of cozy spices. Also available is our Pumpkin Pie ice cream, for those looking for something a little more gourd-esque.

If you're aiming to truly embrace the season, get them BOTH and take a one-way ticket to FLANNELTOWN.

June 16, 2022

Did you miss our ice cream sandwiches? They're back every Thursday night this summer as part of Manayunk's Stroll the Street festivities!

This one features our Chunky Cherry ice cream, which has also made a triumphant return as one of our summer fruit flavors. These cookies are once again lovingly crafted by our friends at My Sweet Gluttony, who continue to knock it out of the park.

June 08, 2022

We're on the precipice of getting bright sunny days on the regular, so we're beginning to churn up our fruit-filled summer flavors.

We haven't made sorbet since [checks notes] good lord, TWENTY NINETEEN! Mango sorbet is back this week, and it's a refreshingly sacchariferous way to beat the heat. It's also another great option for our lactose intolerant friends out there!

May 20, 2022

Our shirts are IN! They came out better than we dared to hope, with a beautiful print on huggable super-soft material.

If you didn't pre-order, we currently have limited availability in the shop including unisex sizes XS through 3XL. We even have a few women's tank tops so you can be prepared for the summer months!

May 05, 2022

People have been asking for it over the course of the year, but now we're happy to announce that fried ice cream is back just in time for Cinco de Mayo!

Come savor our unique blend of ice cream, buttery cinnamon crunchies, and a drizzle of honest-to-goodness honey. We'll serve it for at least the rest of the week, but after that? WHO KNOWS.

April 17, 2022

Happy Easter to all who are celebrating!

We'll be closed today, April 17th. Our normal schedule will resume on Wednesday!

March 19, 2022

Today marks our FIFTH BIRTHDAY, and we're celebrating the best way we know how!

For one day only, we're serving up freshly-baked Mini Ice Cream Hoagies. These are our traditional puff pastries, miniaturized and filled with the ice cream of your choice.

If the image that accompanies this post caught you're eye, you're in luck: we're using it as our FIRST T-SHIRT design ever, and we're selling pre-orders in store today! Stop by and reserve the size you'd like, and we'll have them ready for pick up in April. We're going all out with high quality tri-blend shirts, and we suspect they'll become a regular part of your fashion rotation.

February 05, 2022

Today is the Founder's Philly Freeze-Out and there are a host of interesting things happening on Main Street! If you come down to check it out, be sure to grab some hot chocolate while you're here.

In ice cream news, we're debuting brand new paper cups! They have an identical capacity to our old cups ( 8oz and 16oz respectively ), they're made with recycled paper, and they also happen to have Tubby's face printed on them. We're excited to both reduce our use of plastic AND make our ice cream 85% cuter.

January 07, 2022

Rock and roll lore tells us that Elvis Presley was a huge fan of peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Seeing as how Saturday is Elvis' 87th birthday, we decided to make our own contribution to that legend with a brand new ice cream flavor.

Peanut Butter Banana is exactly what it sounds like, combining generous peanut butter swirls with a pile of perfectly-ripened whole bananas. That's right: we found the freezing point of a hunk, a hunk of burning love.

December 23, 2021

Today, Thursday December 23rd, is your final chance to pick up ice cream for the holiday.

If you have an upcoming Christmas party, Kwanzaa fete, or New Year celebration in the wings, you'll want to pick up a half gallon or two today. Fortunately, ice cream keeps pretty well due to the whole "always frozen" thing.

This is the one week every year we shut down to give our collective staff a break. We'll see you again on January 2nd, 2022!

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